Stump Grinding Service

We always advise grinding a tree stump for a number of reasons.

- The tree could begin to regrow again and cause constant maintenance, the only way to stop this is stump grinding or dangerous chemicals to kill the tree which could spread in the ground to other plants or even animals.

- If the tree does not begin to grow again it will then decay allowing insects and bugs such as termites that will colonize in the stump then move to either your fence or home afterwards.

- If the stump is ground its much more visually pleasing, no longer a trip hazard, now capable of replanting a new tree, can pour concrete or do construction in the area.

Machine for every job

We own many different types and sizes of stump grinders to best remove as much of the stump as possible in the quickest means to be cost efficient to keep our prices low for our customers.



Always hire a professional service like us to grind your stump, never go digging in the ground or around your stump without knowing what your doing. Give us a call and let us come evaluate your stump. There could be electrical, sewer, water, gas, metal in the ground that you can not see.