Tree Trimming

Maintaining and pruning your trees is a important part of tree care. It is good to practice to get your trees evaluated every year to make sure there growing healthy and proper. Trimming your trees can promote the longevity and better health for your trees as well as the appearance. Doing this also help reduce the risk of storm damage or limbs that are to heavy to break away from the tree. In California the weather changes very frequent, doing so trees do not always respond in the best way. Some years we have an abundance of water which isnt good for some trees root systems and other years its very dry. Give us a call and we will tell you the best time of the year for pruning your trees or we can evaluate them for frost cracks, decay, overgrowth, and many other possibility’s.

Trimming Techniques

There any many methods of trimming trees and we are very familiar with all of them, some types of techniques work on some trees and not others so make sure to give us a call and we will advise you what is best for your trees health.